R&D for the Movement

Gamechanger connects and supports great movement groups to supercharge their work, and helps develop new campaigns and organizations where there is a strategic need.

Gamechanger Projects

Movement Voter Project
Too often donors have no idea how to find or support the best local groups that both do election work AND issue organizing year round in key states. Movement Voter Project (MVP) and the Movement.vote platform is a research service to make it easy for donors connect with and support the best and most promising local "movement vote" groups. Since 2016, we have helped thousands of donors move millions of dollars to incredible usually little-known local groups in close to 40 key states!
Student Power Network
Too often student organizing is unsustainable, siloed, and well... not that powerful. Founded in 2013, Student Power Networks are a new model of statewide multi-issue, multi-strategy, multi-racial networks that bring together and develop organizers from all the different campuses, issues, and identities to build statewide power to win on all of our issues - in partnership with community and labor groups so that students aren't isolated but connected to mentors, resources, and a broader vision and strategy for transforming their states.
Vote Mob
Too often local organizers are neglected even in pivotal razor-close elections that they could make a decisive impact in. Founded in 2012, VOTE MOB is a nimble, enthusiasm-driven GOTV project that partners with local movements and organizers in over 35 states to make Getting Out the Vote creative, adrenaline-filled, and irresistible on campuses and communities nationwide. We talent scout local organizers to fill gaps in all the key places and provide resources, training, swag, coaching, a peer network, and in some cases management to organic local organizers everywhere who might not normally run a VOTE program.
Crazy Ideas Bank
We all have crazy ideas that someone else should do, right? Some of these ideas we might even want to do, if we had the right partners, resources, support and encouragement. Too often these ideas get lost, forgotten, and never see the light of day. Crazy Ideas Bank is a funnel to catch these crazy ideas and help some percentage of them to find the partners, resources, and development they need to manifest and realize their potential. Since 2014, Crazy Ideas Bank has been collecting ideas and helping midwife them into existence.